Noon CT


This NPC webinar is specifically for non-profit board members! Please encourage members of your board to attend and find answers to the following questions:


  • What are the core roles & responsibilities of a board member?

  • What do you need to ask of your organization to be successful?

  • What are your organization's unspoken expectations?

  • What can you demand of your organization to be exceptional?

AUG 19


Resisting the Myths of Professionalism: Rooting Out Racism & Misogyny

Janet Cobb, CFRE, CNP will be reprising her TEDx talk Resisting the Myths of Professionalism–and how these myths are rooted in and perpetuate misogyny and racism. The presentation focuses primarily on how an expectation to "appear and act professional" is misogynist and racist– and invites the audience to join the resistance, suggesting practical steps to challenge the status quo.

sep 2

Noon CT

executive director
quarterly support group

This is a quarterly support program to give non-profit Executive Directors space to share their thoughts, fears, questions and concerns, and to get feedback, support and expertise from other Executive Directors and The Non-Profit Coach team. The topic or theme for this meeting is Courageous Conversation.


Please bring with you an area of concern you’d like to share and get feedback on. This will be a highly interactive session—a place for you to feel heard and receive productive solutions.


Note: this webinar will not be recorded in order to protect the privacy of the participants and participation will be cut off at 20 individuals. Register early for this free event to reserve your spot!